Respect your Elders? Respect your Children!

Day 2

“Respect your elders” is what I have grown up with, as a social rule. My parents would tell me to address my friends’ parents as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ unless told otherwise . They also told me to always be polite and respectful to older people. When I was ten, I guess older could have been early as thirteen years old? Hm.

I don’t know if it is the ‘times’ or if this consideration should have always been acknowledged, but what happened to telling the ‘elders’ to respect the children?  We are in a time right now of great changes on the planet and if the internet could be used as a metaphor for the speed in which we are obtaining and processing information, we had better start respecting the young ones. I am referring to children from as young as one day old until well, until always…. I believe that our youth are being born into a more conscious time and on top of that have more access to information than ever before in history. It will be possible that from way earlier than we think, they may know way more than you or I want to give them credit for. We are afraid to give them credit because it scares us. And if you were brought up like me, to believe that the older you are, the more you know, your ego may want to get in the way and assert it’s wisdom.

I am by no means diminishing the fact that as we grow older, we do gain life experience and wisdom. I am simply just throwing out there the idea that the next time you talk to or observe a young person, even if you pretend for a moment, consider that they might know more than you, or that you may learn something very valuable from them.

Smarter than you think


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