Consciously Aware?

Day 1:

Conscious awareness, communication and creative expression, that is why I have started writing. My hope is that if you connect to what I have to share, we can communicate and share our experiences as a way to build a resonance in the field of conscious awareness.

I never thought of myself as a blogger, but a series of events in my life has lead me here, lead me to write. The “weird coincidences” have all converged into my new reality. I am no longer seeing them as “weird” or “coincidences”; this is my life happening right now.

I hesitated starting this process for a few days because I thought to myself “where the hell do I begin?’ There is so much to say, but I guess that is how we all feel! Well, especially when you are a non-stop-talking-Gemini like myself .

Due to my nature, and the fact that I have started writing, I feel that I could go on forever but no one likes to read any one “blog” or “article” for too long so I will stop here and wait to see what my mind unlocks the next time I write.


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